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Train Maps Live (TML) is a free plugin application for Train Simulator 2015 onwards (formerly Railworks). Powered by Google Maps and Train Simulator’s new RailDriver API, TML gives the user a live map view of the route they are travelling along in the TS simulation.

Please Note: Due to personal commitments, I am no longer able to develop Train Maps Live. The download link is still there however, so please feel free to use it.

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You can download TML for free with the link below.

Version 1.0.2 Available now! New Features…

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Download from Dropbox

Please note that by downloading and running the app, you accept that you do so completely at your own risk. We cannot accept responsibility for damages of any form to anything, including hardware, software, yourself & others, property etc, loss, injury as a result of using this software.

Many more features are planned! Check back for updates periodically!

Please make sure you have the very latest version of Java 32 bit installed. (That’s right; 32 bit – even if you are running a 64 bit computer). 


TML is completely free to use, which is how it should be. However, it did take time and effort to make. So if you would like to make a small donation to help cover the costs of making it, we would greatly appreciate it! There is absolutely no obligation to donate.


Report Bug or Give Feedback

Hopefully the software isn’t giving you too much trouble, but in the event that it is, please use this form to help us solve the problem:

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Once downloaded, extract the contents of the .zip file.

  1. You can run the app by double clicking on the TrainMapsLive.exe file.
  2. If it is the first time of running the app, you may be presented with the Settings menu
  3. In the “Steam Directory” section, enter the path to your Steam directory. An example is given on the line below the text box.
  4. Making sure the directory is correct, click “Save” and close the app.
  5. Re-open the app, and if you’ve got the correct directory, you should see a loading screen which says “Awaiting Data”.
  6. Launch Train Simulator and begin driving.
  7. When the game loads, you should see the map correctly update to your trains location.

Note: Not all routes are set up to work correctly with mapping software such as this. An example of this is the “South London Network” addon.


Use the scroll-wheel to zoom in/out. Double click the map to make it borderless. Resize the window however you want!



Q: “The map is just white the whole time”

A: Make sure that the file “GoogleMaps.html” is located within the “html” folder of the directory where you you launched the app from. You may like to open the .html file in a web browser – it should display a satellite map.

Q: “The app displays an error message as soon as I launch it”

A: Make sure you are running the absolute latest version of Java.

Q: “Whenever I launch the app, the settings menu is shown along with the message “Could not find raildriver.dll. Please enter your Steam directory path above. “

A: The app needs to locate a file called “raildriver.dll”. This is bundled with Train Simulator by default. This message shows that the .dll file was not found. The app assumes that your Train Simulator game is installed in the Steam folder. If this is not the case, you can tell the app exactly where to find your raildriver.dll file, assuming you know where it is. To do this, go to the settings menu, and click “Advanced Settings”. Tick the “Use Absolute Path” check box, and paste in the exact directory that the file resides in. Do not include “raildriver.dll” at the end.

Q: “I’ve pasted in the correct directory for my RailDriver.dll into the Absolute Path field under ‘Settings’, but still it tells me it can’t be found.”

A: The dll must be located within a folder which is run in 32bit, since the dll is 32 bit. By default, Steam will install TS2015 in Program Files (x86) which will run the dll in 32 bit mode. Please re-locate Steam + TS2015 to the appropriate folder.

Q: “The map is either offset or nowhere near the correct location of the route I’m driving!”

A: The route must be correctly aligned to real-life coordinates in order to work. Most of the official routes are, but there’s no guarantee what-so-ever that unofficial DLC would be.