Smash Series Game

I am currently in the process of creating a fully 3D multiplayer vehicle-warfare game called “Smash Series” for my Final Year Project. The game is written entirely in Java using the JMonkeyEngine3 game engine. Smash Series can be played with many other players as a multiplayer objective-based game.

Written entirely from scratch, (other than the rendering and physics engine), Smash Series boasts a smooth multiplayer experience and stunning 3D visuals. Players can drive around, shoot each other, capture objectives, smash through barrels and much more. Physics are synchronized across all clients, so interactions are seen by everyone.

A lot of the main functionality is viewable below, and there’s a lot more on this playlist.


At the University of Sussex, Computer Science final year students must complete a Final Year Project based on a topic that they are interested in. I chose to write a multiplayer game as I am a keen gamer, and wanted to have the enjoyment of creating a complex game from (near-enough) scratch.

Students must work individually for the duration of the project. The project consists of a piece of software (in my case, the game), and a dissertation based on the project.


Creating a single-player game was too trivial. I wanted to push myself to create something impressive. Smash Series incorporates much of what I have learned and most enjoyed whilst studying at Sussex – Networking, Software Engineering, and Programming for Games/3D.

Not only is the game smooth and responsive, but it incorporates a complete networking model for players, objectives and physics. The server is written to be as efficient as possible – clients are updated only when absolutely necessary, dropped-connections are detected, physics are simulated server-side, and new environments, vehicles and weapons can be added with ease.